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January 11th, 2017

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I love my Mary Jane shoes. I think I'm up to four pairs. I'm wearing grey today. I have a beautiful pair of a warm brown by clarks. A shiny khaki pair that are too high and I have not dared to wear-yet. And one or two more pair of black, striderite.

I know. It seems like a tedious topic. But you need to understand. Until very recently in my life, I thought you had to earn pretty things by being beautiful. I thought that in order to have cute clothing and shoes and undergarments, it was necessary to qualify as beautiful. A certain beauty that i just do not maintain. I am learning to allow myself to indulge in beautiful things even though I myself was disqualified from the earning potential by the beauty industry decades ago. ;) so, it isn't as shallow as it may seem.

January 11th, 2017 14:29

what are you waffling on about jenny


That was a perfect response. You made me laugh.


Pears are still worth it, no matter how high in the tree they perch


good now lets see the shoes with a nicely turned ankle :smile:


Hemp shoes?




so... Imelda Marcos had 1500 pairs of shoes..and she looked pretty good in the ones I saw. And you look good already... so with those new shoes on?.. *WOLF WHISTLE* !!!

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