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January 17th, 2017

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I know. Sultry. It's lovely.

Another big court day.

Then there is a case plan due by the end of the day. Then doctors appointments. Then come home and read a chapter for school. Then... and then... and then......

This weekend:

I'm sick. Not physically. Physically I'm fine. I spent the weekend on bike rides. The kid learned to ride without training wheels, that was exciting! A big milestone. I was not able to get any photos or anything, but that is okay because I was part of the moment. Hopefully I remember it...long term. :\ I take thousands of photos and keep them all, because my memory is so, absent from my recollection. The kid also completed the final draft (oh it is so sloppy!) of his first ever book report. <3

I sunbathed while studying. I cleaned the house, finished all of my laundry, went grocery shopping, went to the driving range. It was a delightfully luxurious and indulgent weekend. I also completed one smaller paper read 100's of pages of text, finished about 15 other small assignments. *nods* Last semester of two classes. The difference between 10 hours of school work on the weekend and 20, is massive when you're already working and a single mother. Almost there. Four classes left. It's totally worth it.

By the 23rd, I'm supposed to know where I will be living next year.

*nods* Folks are leaving today.

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Sounds much more upbeat. You are doing well and no goal is worthy without overcoming obstacles.

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