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January 22nd, 2017

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Yesterday morning I woke up, at my own pace. Stayed up late the night before, chatting. *yawns*

Then my supervisor texts about an appointment that a guardian needed on my case. I explain that I didn't get it (she said she'd do it in the first place, anyhow right?). Then my supervisor tells me to get it, because I'm in front of that mean ole judge again on Monday morning. SO....I spent all of yesterday rushing, trying to complete all of these tasks, with nobody open. AGAIN, I don't have two appointments for the case - with dates and times. I've submitted the papers that I needed to. With one even followed up with the provider, but do not have dates. So, I am freaking out. FREAKING out. :-|

Ugh. I think....I don't know. This is too much. So, a 60 hour work week, again. Plus 15 hours added onto that for commute. *sigh* And now I'm behind on school work as well.

I'm going to do the last that I can for work, I have two legal documents that have to be submitted by 9am tomorrow. Then I'm going to do some chores and laundry and school work. I need to read a chapter for each course and write a small assignment.

I can totally do this. Thanks for being my soundboard.

I did get my phone replaced, so at least my phone is working. :D I had no personal phone for like 10 days...

January 22nd, 2017 14:32

Now I see why I end up deleting my SpinChat account every other month lol.. it's that chatting addiction when it gets in the way of everything else.. well, all the best with the remaining tasks.. hopefully, you'll deliver on time..
Just can't imagine how you survived 10 days without a personal phone though :P


Don't freak out..never freak out, that's just fear/worry trying to give you a big, unsolicited kiss...

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