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How old are you? 16; 17 in Feburary.

Where are you from? New Zealand.

What sort of Pen Pal relationship are you looking for? Idk let’s just write skype and be best friends!

How would you describe yourself? I’m shy, awkward, and have serious wanderlust—I want to know about the whole world so tell me everything.

Anything else you would like to add? I can do mail, e-mail, social apps, etc… anything ya want and are comfortable with!

I don’t judge. Your skin colour, sexuality or anything else isn’t a bother to me. I don’t have an age range either, but I would prefer to talk people round my age or a bit older. I don’t care whether you’re a girl or boy either.

Also I find it rather difficult to start a conversation with a random person, but if you approach me, I'll always talk to you.

Social Apps:
Skype: ashley__idk
Snapchat: sorryidc
Whatsapp: +64 22 174 4903
Line chat: ashleyidk
Kik: ashley__idk


Star signAquarius


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