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Restaurant on a Deserted Island

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Three chaps - an American, a Chinese, and a German - were shipwrecked on a deserted island. The German found a smoky bottle, so he brought it back to the other two, and they all opened it together. Well, out popped a Genie! The Genie granted them each one wish under a condition he wanted to tell them later. Of course, all three wanted to be back home.

The Genie said he would grant them their wishes. "But first, you must all do me a favor. Mr. American, I want you to build me a restaurant here. Mr. German, you will make the kitchen for this restaurant. Mr. Chinaman, you will get the supplies for the restaurant. I will return in one month. At that time, if you have satisfied my requirements, I will grant your wishes."

The German and the American started their work immediately. But the Oriental just sat relaxed and enjoyed life. The others warned him to start his work, but he replied, "I will do my wolk. Do not wolly."

Then, about four days before the Genie's expected return, the Chinaman disappeared. The Genie came back, just as he promised, and asked to be shown what they had done. He was amazed by the restaurant. Five dining rooms, a tremendous main lobby - all made of bamboo! It was a magnificent feat. As for the kitchen - full utensils, running gas stoves, pots, pans - all made from shells, bamboo, and coconuts. An absolute wonder!

"But where are the supplies from Mr. Chinaman?" asked the Genie.

The two men said they did not know. All they knew was that he had disappeared a few days ago and they had not seen him since then.
Suddenly from the shadows came the Oriental, shouting in a loud voice, "Suplise!"

January 9th, 2017 13:16
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