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Grassroot Beginnings

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So it's over. Trump will be our next president. Congrats to him and the people that supported him. Congrats to Hillary and her supporters for running a strong campaign and getting as far as they did.

I did not support or vote for either candidate and cast my vote for Gary Johnson. Why, you might ask? Because for the last three elections I have supported the Libertarian candidate in the general elections simply because I want to see an end to the two party duopoly and if any third parties ideological platform comes close to my belief's in how government should function in our country, it would be the Libertarian party. In 2008 the Libertarian candidate received .7% of the vote. In 2012 1.5% of the vote. This year the Libertarian candidate captured 3% of the vote. So for the last three elections the Libertarian party has doubled its support with each election. This my friends is how you build a ground up, grass-roots movement. If this trend continues, and I hope it does, the Libertarian candidate in 2020 has a legitimate shot at getting 6% of the vote and thus placing it over the 5% minimum needed to be eligible for federal recognition. Making it the first time in nearly 100 years that America could have a legitimate 3 party election that slowly begins to give people real choice and a real chance to have success within the party you choose to support.

Don't try to sit there and say that I wasted my vote, or that my vote was in reality a vote for the candidate that won, or vice versa. For if you think that way, then you truly do not understand why I have voted the way I have voted and will probably never grasp the idea of what your vote really means. For this I cannot help you with understanding, only enlightenment will help you achieve that. I never supported either Clinton or Trump, I never intended to vote for either Clinton or Trump, Like I said before, my vote is a vote to help build a grassroots movement meant to end the duopoly of the two party system and to start giving back to us Americans the freedom of real and true choice.

I hope for some of you, you can understand this. I know there are plenty out there that won't respect my position and will attempt to lambast me for "just wanting pot to be legal" (which from what these last 3 elections have proven. people want pot to be legal). From here on out, I plan to continue my support for the Libertarian party and to continue to hope to grow the party to a more viable contender in future elections so that it is not considered a "protest vote" or a "wasted vote", a line of thought I never understood or agreed with, but to make it a legitimate choice for people to accept during an election cycle. I stand, and shall remain, in the corner of personal liberty and freedom, and as I see it the Libertarian party is the only one that puts these ideas first and foremost at the head of its platform. One day I would hope to see many more of my fellow American patriots to stand in that corner with me. Only time will tell if this will hold true, but I intend to keep pushing and fighting for it. Hope your conscience feels the same for each time you vote, no matter who you support or vote for.

November 9th, 2016 21:13

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not much further you can go with this rock bottom approach to the 2 man race and hats off to you for supporting elsewhere and maybe others will grab hold also cause whatever was working or not working before surely isn't doing much now and not sure what it's gonna take to get good peeps in there maybe a shot in the dark at the bad guys which in this case was way too many for even the golfer to grasp at. :shrug:


My belief is that if states like Michigan that have been Democrat bastions for nearly the last 100 years, are open to more than two parties. Host more than two candidates, it would end the monopoly those parties hold over them by making it more difficult for any one party to hold control over that state. Hillary Clinton really did not campaign at all in Wisconsin and it cost her the election. She was so complacent, so sure that she had the state won, that it was an utter surprise to her campaign that they could possibly lose the state because it had been Democrat for so long. This type of campaigning needs to end, for starters, the candidates need to work for it. They need to go to every state and campaign there. There never should be any easy state for any candidate to take.


If everyone I came in contact who said that they didn't want to vote for either Clinton or trump would have voted for Gary Johnson, the 5 % could possibly have been accomplished this election. I believe that people should always vote for the person they want to. It's your vote, use it however you want. I'm disappointed in the celebrity community. They could have backed a candidate on all 50 state ballots that lacked the flaws of the major party candidates and they hypocritically chose a woman who treated her husband's accusers in much the way trump was criticized for treating women. If perhaps a Katy Perry or lady gaga supported Gary Johnson, someone who is more in line with their anti war views than Secretary Clinton, this could have been the election where third-party broke through its glass ceiling.


Celebrities should never be an influence in the way a person votes.


I agree and yet the reality is that some in the population do follow blindly. So it would have been nice if some had used their influence to at least open the minds of their fans.

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