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Hi my name is Lynn,
I will first start off this Profile to be honest, I am married and I'm not looking for a partner, but I am looking for someone to talk with, perfectly someone that understands. I know that on the Internet you can become anything and be dishonest and hurt people I love watching the TV program "Catfish".

I have been blessed me I’am a US Army retired vietnam- veteran disabled and the Lord has blessed me and allow me to retire when I was 40 from my business, so it gets lonely sometimes during the day my wife works and at night my wife does her thing. you can go to my website ( ) and you'll see I love working with my hands building things designing and creating, and do a lot of stuff this site is made so people know me as well as my Facebook page if you like I'm not scared to let you know who I am and what I'm about but I'm honest and fair.
I have a motorcycle it's a trike I like riding it. I used to travel up and down the coast going to rallies and things like that for a few years I have slowed down now and don’t do it as much.
I love music and I can do about anything there's not much that I've not tried or done. I was a Army Ranger, I know how to ski, skydive, caving, you name it I probably done it. I have one daughter and she's great.
Thanks for giving me your time. May the Lord bless you and your search


Height1.84 m
Weight90.9 kg
Hair colorblack
Eye colorgrey-green
Alcohola glass of wine in the evening
Foodall sorts of food
StatusI live with my partner
Childrenhave a child/children and do not want more


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