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For my parents

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I don't usually write in a blog - but I'm feeling sentimental being the Christmas season regarding both my parents. They both loved Christmas and really got into everything about the holiday season. This song has always reminded me of them both. I had set up a bed in their room to stay there by their side when they slipped into coma's, and were in and out of it (Daddy in '94 and Mom in '02), and prayed they would each wake up to see another day, smile just one more time, and squeeze my hand to let me know they were still with me before they slipped away. I was rewarded with these small but meaningful moments, and they've carried me thru these years later in my life. I think of them each and every day, but moreso this time of year and I see their spirit now in my grandsons - each of them has a part of Mom and Dad in their personalities. Thank you for all you have given me..till we meet again..I love you Mom and Dad. :-)

December 10th, 2016 20:04
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Beautiful sentiment.

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