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on the bus, off the bus

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Captains log .... 01/30/2017

STOP STOP STOP STOP ~ my cries were finally heard and the bus driver releases the door which was persistent in closing onto my left arm.
A little shocked, bruised, and momentarily watched flashes of my life before me. I'm okay.

note to self: never use the back door again.

January 30th, 2017 03:52

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Oh! Glad you're ok! Well, "never" use the back door again, a window will probably be better in this case :)


Thanks and yes I will never use again ... Scary moment but I still have my arm


Good to now :) stay safe!


lol captain's log...brilliant! You got talent!


ha ha , thanks Werewolf .. may have been slightly delerios when writing that .. but would love that bit of star trek ?? i think that's where i heard it ... cue music .......


Blogs..the are the blogs of talented writers....not yet published but may as well be....Kirk out.

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