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The story of Anna, chapter 4

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The story of Anna, chapter 4

The road to Hula.
Nothing was ever easy, yet it was always memorable. As it happened my family had been invited to the village of Hula. One of the students my dad taught was from here and we would be taking him home for the weekend.

My dad asked him "is the road all weather" , Yes Mr Wharton he replied.
Half way into our trip it was evident that the road was not "all weather", and as the car steered toward higher patches of ground it soon came to a halt and we were not going anywhere. Bogged in, in the middle of no where, surrounded by coconut trees the car sat motionless with us all inside. I wont ever know how we all got thru the night but by sun rise we were hungry and tired.

It was decided that our school boy would go to fetch us something to eat. after a longtime he returned, arms laden with coconuts. Seeing all the trees nearby my Dad asked as to why it had taken so long, "magic" he replied, the trees here are magic and he could not touch them.

as the day went on another vehicle came by and we were all carried across the mud into this 4 wheel drive, leaving the car behind. We now had a stronger car but this also became stuck , bogged deep into more mud, another anxious wait until a tractor arrived to rescue us all, and here was our "saved" moment.

Hula was a metropolis of an ancient kind, with it's Coral blue seas and it's water ways for canoes passing by. The people were calm with a friendly Polynesian appearance.

We were to never know how and why the trees held the magic , but they were something more, they were holders of secret stories too, our story.

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Deb.. may I ask how old were you then? :)


hi, I was around 3 , i had two siblings then as well


wait..i'm confused...this is biographical and not sci fi? Heck I thought you were going for an avatar like angle to it...


The Story of Anna is biographicial Yes. The life I lived. Note to self: watch avatar and see what Gnomie is talking about.

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