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Buon giorno Roma

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Living in Rome one almost expects to be flirted with sooner or later, for the Roman men are renowned for this.

So I was not suprised when one morning while I waited for the bus that I caught the gaze of An Italian, a local man. He was watching me and as he moved toward my side to say hello I told him "non parlo italiano, molto bene" ( I don't speak much Italian ) there was not much to say, still he continued with small conversation.

But a true gentleman he was as he helped me up into the already over crowded bus. Not wanting to let go of my hand he let me know he was soon to depart and we said our goodbyes. He implied for a kiss, than was gone.

So it is still here, "the romancing Rome"

I wonder if his day was a little brighter for his flirtations with me that morning ... perhaps it is the secret of his eternal youth, his body looked to be 80 but his heart a mere 20.

Roman Life, the winter of '07

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Suppressing my jealousy :), I'd say that Italy has three gifts for the rest of the world, food, fashion and women (men for you :P ).. I didn't like Rome, nor Florence nor Milan.. but I really loved Venice.. this is where the air is mysteriously filled with love and romance.. wherever you go.. wherever you look.. in whatever flirting experience you come across.. but that's another story :P
I will force myself to click that 'Rocks' button (hiding my jealousy still) :P
Thanks for sharing Deb :)


agh , you mention the Magic .. the place of absolutes ! Venezia .... love love love, even though my time there was mostly spent in the 400 hundred year old hospital ! and all that i could gaze was a mere patch of blu sky .. i still dreamed of what lay below the window pane... but that's another story ... to be told .......

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