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Buon giorno Roma ~ 2

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there is a bridge here in Rome that now boasts the tittle "Bridge of Love" , the Ponte Milvio has become a modern day pilgrimage for Romeo's and Juliette's, young and old.

It all started with a novel, written by an Italian in 1992. A tale of undefined love, their love for each other was sealed by placing a lock onto the third lamp post along this bridge. and the key was than thrown into the Tiber river below it. Sealed forever.

Today that lamp post is heavily burdened with more of these "love locks". Some of which still represent the love of hearts joined, steadfast and true. While other locks are a reminder of a now broken heart. One such "broken heart" forced with a pair of pliers, to break his own love lock ~ wanting to set himself free ? perhaps ....

Roman life ~ Summer of '08

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I guess it s better than tattooing her name on your arm


much better ! perhaps every tattoo parlor should have a lamp post .. just a thought cos there are plenty of guys and gals walking around with their ex's carved into their flesh .. ewww


I have a few tattoos , only one i ever dedicated to a woman was "^ i ^ " for someone i called angel . No one knows what it means .


well Angel is Angel ..
in face my married name ( ex name ) has been unofficially changed to Angel ( originally Italian )


I met a girl in a bar once , told her i had her tattooed over my heart . She liked it , the guy with her wasn't impressed though.


Yip, how amazing it would be if love can be set free with a pliers available in our nearest hardware, if only. Then moving on would be easy. Oh well.

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