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Proto-World and the Day of Prayer

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The camera came into a tight close-up of Professor Simmons face as he prepared to answer the questions posed before him in the White House Press Room. The world was about to hear the worst news ever spoken.
"It appears to be a rather large fragment of what we are calling a proto-planet. During the Big Bang, if you can imagine a star of incredible magnitude with several planets revolving around it exploding and creating what we know as our universe along with all the debris that became stars and planets, this chunk of a planet has been sailing through space and is now going to catch up with us. It's part of the original proto-star system that blew apart." Hands flew up, he choose the man from the New York Times.
"Professor, how long before it reaches us and is there anyway to stop it?"
"Stop it? Oh no. You don't understand. In twelve days it's going to reach us and three days before that it will completely block out half the night sky. This is not some small asteroid, this chunk of rock is forty times larger than our entire solar system. It will simply sweep us away as if we weren't even there." Now the truth was out there. How the world would react to it was still to be seen. There would be rioting and mayhem but, perhaps the President's idea of a day of prayer on the final day would quell the panic. The world was about to die and there was no where to run, no where to hide. One could only pray and hope for a swift end. Already the squarish block of doom looked like a blackened doorway that swallowed the light of the stars behind it in the night sky. Each night it would grow larger until one would actually see the surface of what was once a massive world. An hour before impact the world would be able to look up and see the ruins of entire cities where giants had once walked.

August 22nd, 2016 16:28
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