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Undoubtedly, the Checkmark's brain is ingesting something mildly delightful and can't quite wind down enough for sleep and so, true to form, it rears it's ugly little head and start pondering on the preposterous. Not hard to do, I might add. There's plenty out there if you just look around.

1.) There are at any one time over six trillion light bulbs of all types burning somewhere in the world. And then we wonder why the aliens attacked.

2.) Who in the love of raspberry syrup names their kid Bing. C'mon on Mrs. Crosby, couldn't you have done better?

3.) If you dance at 4/4 time to 2/3rds time, would you be doing the cha-cha?

4.)One of the largest denomination of bills in America has the face of someone who was never a President, drank like a pig, ate like a pig and took nude "air bathes". Kind of makes me wonder who they reserved for the million.

5.) Sesame Street really does exist. Or I should say, did at one time. It's now been torn down and converted into a mall. The muppet in the trash can is now living in the dumpster out back. Out of work puppets are not eligible for food stamps.

6.) Does Kuala Bear poop smell like Vicks Cough Drops?

7.) If you "Aim High" in life, won't you miss the target?

8,) If its a "retro rocket" on the space capsule, does that mean its an older style?

9.)Refrigerators keep our food cold, the air conditioning keeps you house cool. You turn on the A/C the minute the car starts. Why not just move to the Arctic Circle?

10.) Putting that stupid Save the Planet bumper sticker on that Honda you're towing behind that motorhome that looks like it has a Jacuzzi party room upstairs on the second deck and a downstairs theater that seats thirty is almost as stupid as the look you had on your face when people flip you the bird.

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