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Three Cheese Dinner

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I will say that being old and crippled does tend to lead to weight gain. I've always been stocky but not exactly fat. After years of hard labor, I was in pretty good shape for my age. Then, along comes married life and being the sole cook and manservant role was placed upon me. Not that I mind. I love to cook and I'm probably so anal retentive I have Scrubby Dutch Syndrome. I hate dirt. Especially in my kitchen. And I am a good cook. After 9 years of marriage I've managed to put on 40 pounds. Donna, of course, was always a big girl and has fought the weight problem for years, not to mention the battle with diabetes. We don't always eat the food we should. As the English are fond of saying, we're salad dodgers. Just last night I had a three cheese dinner, grilled cheese sandwiches, cottage cheese and Nacho Cheese Doritos. I think I had the cheese category covered. Healthy? Hell no. I look in the fridge and spy all the stuff they say to stay away from. Do we? Hell no. Everything is slathered in butter, oiled and fried, came from a pig or has enough sugar in it to make you pick up an AK-47 and go hunting postal workers. Poor folks make bad food choices. It's cheaper to eat the bad stuff than to afford the good foods. Ever price "health foods" lately? And besides that, health foods taste like cardboard. Have a bowl of bran flakes for breakfast. Sure, right after I dump half a beaker of sugar on them and add the peanut butter bananas rolled in powdered sugar. Then I might be able to get past the taste. So what can we do? Stop eating? That option wouldn't get far in this house. And besides, we're usually at that point about three days from payday most weeks as it is. I know, let's join the YMCA and take some classes. Ummm hmmmm.......right. If those folks saw us coming they chain the door shut. I'd be the guy on the treadmill asking the instructor if it's OK if I finish my triple cheeseburger while I walk. know what? Who cares. I'm old, I'm fat, I waddle. Deal with it. Would you mind passing the dip over?

September 4th, 2016 15:58

note to the postal workers unless your bringing loads od bad food might wanna wear a vest instead.the veggie stuff is awesome and the golfer will be making a huge salad pretty soon and overdue on that. :hunger:


i spelled of wrong. :hammer:


check, you are a chuckle indeed, eating healthy doesn't cost anymore than eating tons of cheese..a head of lettuce and a tomato is cheap, chill out on salads for a week, you'll lose a lot of weight and will feel better, and you'll save a lot of money! your old, fat and you waddle (your words) and you've cut your life expectancy by years. what a shame.


First...I LOVE salads.....I'm also putting us on a healthier diet.



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