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The Great Dope Debate

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Yes, I would be that guy standing on the mountain of marijuana that was just freshly delivered and dumped in the front lawn of the White House screaming for justice. But, hey....I grew up smoking weed. It was part of my culture and heritage. And don't discount us free thinking hippies. If it weren't for drugs I doubt we'd have the internet. Somebody had to be stoned to think that crap up, right? If Cheech and Chong is on, I'm watching. I'm a true blue, dyed-in-the-wool hippie. I play guitar in a band....if I had a band still and the old knuckles would co-operate. I'm creative, kind to animals, Mother Earth loving, hug-a-tree type that just hates to see how insane our government can be. First of all, they have spent nearly ten times the amount of money on the "War On Drugs" as they have building nuclear missiles. I guess that makes sense, build plenty of prisons and lock up the naysayers to the bulls and warmongers of the world first and then go happily about your business of spending the taxpayer's dollars on more and bigger bombs. And who exactly voted for those? I don't think I remember saying it was OK to spend my tax dollars building nukes or locking up folks for smoking a pretty little green plant. Did anyone give these politicians the Okey-Dokey for that? I don't think so, they just did it and stuffed it down our throats. I always thought that this country was based on the principles that every vote counted and every voice should be heard. And, what is legal for one person should be legal for all Americans, not just a select few who happen to live in a free-thinking state. So, I would be that guy. Waving his marijuana banner, standing on six tons of California gold and hoping that butthead in the office is paying attention.

September 6th, 2016 16:16

Our goverment is like a pimp; they just slap us around, tell us what to do, and never explain why! Our goverment is and has been a train wreck since about 1955...i'd say 1963 but even JFK had his infgers i the wrong pies...What baffles me is, right in the constitutioin it says, if the current govement is not working, start a new one! ( Nobody ever reads the fine print)!

As far as the dope debate; i agree; legalize it like cigarettes and booze; cos we know how serious the punishment can be; as if!

Good blog my friend! Am gonna put on my Doors c.d., fill my bong and trip daddy-O!


Rollin' a fattie with ya....What scares them most? the part where you have the right to bear arms just in case the SOB in office doesn't do his job right....(OK Homeland Security...that was NOT a threat, just stating facts....)Only reason we have marijuana laws is because of Anshliger back in the thirties dealing with the Mexicans.And we all see how that turned out...


the only other reason they won't legalize it is because they don't know how to tax it! But, like you said..if Colorado and california can do it..why the hell not! If we can tolerate drunk drivers killing people every day and nothing really gets done about it, then why the hell can't we tolerate stoned people, peacefully assembling on a comune? lol


Don't get to excited about the legalization of Cannabis Monsanto already owns it lol
Like they own the gene to almost ever seed in the universe
"St-Louis, MO | Monsanto, the multi-billion agribusiness giant, has announced today it has patented the first genetically modified strain of marijuana"
Is this good or bad? Doesn't matter it is what it is.

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