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NASA Planning and the Parade of Remodeling Stars

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This has been a busy few days lately and I felt it was time to let you in on the plans. I know, you're all dying to know what our big plans are , right? Well, don't quote me on this but, we've decided to use some of our little unexpected windfall to do some remodeling to this much needed old trailer. Oh...excuse me...manufactured home. The giant dip in the bathroom floor has to go. Sub-floor and (hopefully nothing bad under that...)then a layer of under-layment so that I can put down whatever carpet we decide on. That part I can do. The sub-floor and what lurks under it? No thanks. I've seen what grows under our trailer, thank you very much. It's not a pretty sight. The last time someone attempted to remodel this place they didn't have a clue what they were doing. There is also a total of two bath tubs, four toilets and god only knows what else under there. Why is it under there? Habitat For Squirrels needed a place to set up shop. sounds like to me that this so-called windfall is going to be my downfall. I've been marched through one end of every big box Homie Depot (where us gangsta's shop...) and every Down-so-Lowe's in town price shopping tools, new bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets, garage doors and of course, the seasonal Halloween items...("OH LOOK! The Sta-Puft Man! Who ya going to call? Ghostbusters!!" "Ah.'s twenty five feet tall...." ) Well...I know who to call. Just in the past four days I've had a parade of contractors, handymen, garage door repairmen and the phone hasn't stopped ringing. Maybe calling and leaving a message to every place in town wasn't such a bad idea. Mentioning it's a cash job helped, I'm sure. As daddy always said, wave enough hay in front of the horse and he'll come to you every time.

September 9th, 2016 05:51
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if your having a ghostbusters movie night the golfer will be right over and still waiting on a decent copy of that otherwise if your looking for a handyman to help out the golfer is the last you wanna call. :zwinker:

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