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Further Plans and Old School Friends

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Today was one of those weird synchronicity days. Don't ask me how this sort of thing happens in real life, especially mine, because I have no clue whatsoever. File this one under Shit Just Happens and Sometimes Its Good Shit. After being here for nearly two years now, we decided it was time one of us got an Iowa driver's license. Might just help when it comes to opening a bank account. And the dubious taskmaster of the money...the wife, of course. It's her check. I, on the other hand have chosen to keep my beloved Washington state card. It might come in handy, as you shall see. Anyway, there we are at DMV standing in the slowest moving line in the world. In the hallway someone has hung a cork-board and it's covered with business cards, hand written ads for sale/for hire/for rent, etc. One of the cards is for a handyman services.
"Hey hon....check this out, local guy. Ah....Jack Dempsey (not his real name,of course)."
"I know him! I went to school with him. Our families knew each other. We even went to church together as kids. Jack's a really great guy. I always wondered what happened to him."
So the wife gives him a call and he charges over, takes a look around, measures, and gives us the "family" discount. Well within our means and he's willing to fix everything that needs doing. Including a lot of things the others wouldn't do or contracted out for (such as plumbers and electricians). Says his mom and the wife's mum are both in heaven and he better do a super great job or there will be hell to pay. Let's just say he's a character. But, I'm confident he can do the job and do it right. He comes highly recommended. So, it appears that in about two weeks the checkmark is going to be peeing in his new bathroom and making breakfast in his new kitchen. And here's the best part: I won't be around to have to deal with the mess and chaos. I'm taking Myrtle the Turtle back to Oregon and turning it back to the dealer (and gooooooooood riddance!). Which means a short stop over visit with my old friend John... (wanders off humming an old tune about Abraham Martin and John.)Oh... and the Washington State ID? That's in case he's out. Longview is only thirty miles from Portland...I'm sure they have someplace sweet to visit....

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how cool is that you get out of honey do and your going on a trip.. you sly dog


Shhhhhhhh...quiet. I'm putting on my "Sure, I'm going to miss you. Gee, I wish you could come, too..." face. Arf Arf.....

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