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Blowing the Payday On Seven Dollar Guitars

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Since the wife didn't have to go into work until late today, she decided it was time to check out the garage sales. We, of course, are dyed in the wool junkers. Nothing stirs the blood more than getting a super great deal. In fact...our whole house is full of super great deals. Wanna save money? Go junking. Amazing what people will sell at a garage sale. So today we headed north into Ankeny and the green and orange yard sale signs were on every corner. I think I may need a new rack and pinion in my car along with some brakes. "There's one!There's One!! You missed it." Uh...hon...ya gotta tell me before we reach the turn, not halfway through the intersection. But, we found one after doing a U-eee and then missing the driveway and ending up in a parking lot for Fish-n-Chips (nice neighbor..."I'll have that to go....")and having to walk back next door. Ah...but the wife is an eagle eyed expert when it comes to spotting junk from the side window of a speeding car. A guitar. Of course we have to stop and see! You do remember I'm the guy with the guitar decorated peace sign t-shirt, right? Well, here sat the loneliest most abused old Harmony in the world. Dusty, beaten, dropped, dinged and dented but...this old black Stratocaster looked like it had been "out there". It needed a home. I'm a sucker for old cheap guitars and I suspect this one has sat in a closet or a basement since the mid-60's. Harmony was a good company (still is) but, they build lower priced knock offs. But, for some reason, people collect them. Especially the older ones.
"How much for the guitar?"
"Seven dollars." I just about fell down on the spot! I couldn't believe it. Well, the wife hurried up and dug out a five and two ones and off we went. A little Testor's paint later and she's a beauty! Does need strings, though...and it's really dirty...but, under all that grime and damage beats the heart of a rocker.
The next sale yielded up a file cabinet for mum's new workroom which was just what she was looking for. so, all in all, not a bad day and not a bad bit of yard sale shopping. Oh yeah...we also found a really nice cordless driver/drill we need to take the shutters down and paint them this fall. These usually run over a hundred dollars for this particular make/model and we got it with all the gizmos with it for $20. I think the wife is part bargain hound...she can sniff them out. I probably walked right past it.
There is one small concern...this check better come soon....I think we blew the car payment money...

September 10th, 2016 21:47

LOL You nutssssssss
Fun blog as always thank checkmark I enjoyed browsing with you guys.


latex paint you say? great piece!


diamonds in the rough gotta love it. :klatsch:

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