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Camping Out At the Mailbox

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Well, this should be the week that the check should come. We are both so excited to get this little surprise and can't wait to get started on our plans. Mama is getting her kitchen and bathroom remodeled and I get to drive to Oregon and look up an old friend. But, wouldn't you know it....I lost his phone number. I have searched high and low (mostly high...which is probably why I can't remember where I put it.....)for it and its just not to be found. I tried going on line but my friend is the paranoid type and doesn't have an e-mail site, Facebook, etc. I guess pot growers tend to stay off the grid. But, regardless, I'll show up and knock on his door and the world will be a happy place. If he's moved (doubt it...)there's always the dispensaries. I am not returning home empty handed. Not sure yet HOW I'll get home (wasted out of my mind, hopefully...)but....I will be rushing back as the contractor is supposed to start work on the 19th. I may miss that....but, I should try to be back to supervise the work-in-progress before they get finished. Either way, I'm going to be a happy little camper. Of course, this old pup tent looks sort of out of place in the trailer park, camped out by the mailboxes. Maybe I shouldn't have started a campfire and roasted hot dogs while the park maintenance guy was driving by in his golf cart? I don't know what his beef was....I saved him all that trouble of emptying the trash barrel of all the junk mail flyers....geesh.....

September 12th, 2016 17:06

maybe he just needs a beer when nobody is looking and happy trails. :matrose:


So excited for you both , have a good trip !!!! Make sure you stock up ;)




Elusive...the only thing missing is the pup tent and the ketchup bottle...

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