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The Devious Mr. Franklin's Invention and the Sick of Waiting Game

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OK....I'm out of hot dogs and the Mountain Dew supply is running low and still nothing in our mailbox. I think there would be a couple Pony Express riders that would be laughing their asses off at how slow our postal service worked. We got a call from the insurance company that the check would be sent out this week. It's now Thursday, the fingernails are gone and so is my patience. And it didn't help waking up this morning feeling very out-of-sorts. Someone must have turned that spigot on my butt cheek. God, first the wife had this stomach bug and now I've gotten hit with it. I'm pondering if there's something rotten in Denmark? Is the cat pooping in the sink? Hmmmm.....I can't think of any reason why the two of us would get a stomach bug a week apart other than food poisoning. We both ate the same thing last night, she's fine. I'm running for the squatter every ten minutes.( OH god....wait...right back..... ) As I was saying.....not nice. Well, I finally get myself out of bed and check the mail and then head to Ze Toni's for a little "make me feel better", not that this grizzle does much good. I wonder if Benjamin Franklin had any idea that when he gave us the first post office that he would have created a monster. I don't know who to blame....the insurance company for lying to us or those lazy postal workers (OK>>>maybe lazy is too strong a word....) up there in Wisconsin (had to be Wisconsin!! Can't trust those guys! All they did was give us butt widening cheese and the Packers...). Let's see.....Wisconsin to Des Moines.......four hundred miles? Right....I could have freaking walked it here! (Now even the pony is laughing...)
And it's not like there's much riding on this check getting here soon. The appointment to get the wife's car fix is set for Monday. The contractor is supposed to start next Tuesday and the roofer is coming in three weeks. I have a car to deliver and the wife has about a grand worth of dollhouse stuff "favorite"d on E-Bay. Word of advice, folks...never get suckered into the wife and her E-Bay "What do you think of this?" questions. Those idyllic days of brain dead bliss come in handy, trust me.

September 15th, 2016 23:57

:frown: Dang!! I DO hope it comes soon!!!



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