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Trips, Stumbles and Falling In Love Again

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The big day has finally arrived. No more camping out at the mailbox. No more threatening letters to the Postmaster General. (Opps...did I say that? I meant someone sent some anonymous letters....)The check is here and the plans can now go forward. Of would arrive on a Saturday and now it will be Monday and missing a half day of work for Mama to get to the bank and get things squared away. And the three day clearance wait.....Ah..... but, it's here and we can breathe easy now. The car will get towed in on time, the contractor will get paid, the roofers, the kid down the block, Mr. Bill's poodle and the electric bill.....(damn poodle...gotta pay him off to keep him from yapping...)All in all, we is happy campers now. Well...maybe not all. Let's see, first it was a vanity on Craigslist in Chicago, an idea that got dumped for the vanity in Omaha at 3pm followed by the discovery of yet another "perfect" vanity in St.Louis. She's convinced we can drive somewhere, save huge dollars buying used and she gets exactly the right vanity. I'm pretty sure by the end of the week I'm be packing the suntan oil for a quick weekend trip to Miami. Ohio, that is. Even though that perfect vanity in Florida was a real steal for just fifty bucks, she figured the boss at work would have a cow or two if she took off any more days. You gotta love a wife who loves to bargain shop.
I should add that my little trip out west will coincide with the contractors starting. I know, I'm running out on the wife when I should probably stay but, I do have some health concerns. My COPD/pneumonia was triggered due to black mold. With all the water damage back there and in the kitchen, I don't want to be anywhere near this place when they rip up the floors. I KNOW what lurks under our trailer. And in my case, it could prove deadly. I was in the hospital for a week and lost two thirds of my lung capacity. Having Moderate to Severe COPD is no fun. Another bout like that, or worse as I'm sure there is far more mold under our flooring than what I was exposed to previously, and I'd be a goner. So...I have to scram for awhile. And what better place to go than Oregon? Home of the Rave, Land of the Green? By the time I get back, it should be safe. And I'll be happy. Oh yes....very happy to come home to a real bathroom and a new kitchen. I think I'll make some brownies......

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