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The Hemi Charged Card Superbee Day

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At five p.m., C.S.T. this very evening, the wife and yours truly, are now officially partially off the desolation list of the City of Des Moines Ten Most Neediest Families. Ah, what a wondrous feeling it is to have a little jingle in the pocket, is it not? Well, we didn't celebrate too long. I woke up with the.....and I hate to say this in public but...worse hemorrhoid in the world. I feel like I was the guest of honor at the Prison for Sexual Degenerates B-Wing All-Nude Party. OMG! And I'm driving where? Oregon? OMG again.... Well, that didn't stop anything. Out went the old mattress and we are off to go get a new one. That is...right after we settle up with the car repair people. Stand by....reason for hemorrhoid? OMG! $2,300. Of course, they fixed everything including a number of things we didn't request. For some reason, he convinced us that the dead battery had to go (OK...yeah...I forgot to go out and start it up everyday....geesh...), the windshield wipers would make good ice skates and the wiring the mice had chewed on was very unsafe. The good news...the brake pads were still good. That's about the only thing that didn't get changed or fixed. I'm thinking I could have bought a good used car for that price. But, Mama is thrilled to have the A/C actually work and the tune-up should keep her car going another thirty thousand miles. So, off we go to the mattress store. Of course, this has to be the hottest, muggiest day of the year to be wrestling alligators in a sauna bath.
Ah, but the rewards to be reaped by a happy spouse! Off we go to get me a new phone (so I's can stays in touch...), a few much needed items and for dinner....Barffelbee's. Oooooooo Steak! And my one beer-for-the-year,,,,a tall Sam Adams. Ummmmmm......nothing better than steak and beer. God, I love having money. I's not THAT much but, is nice once in awhile to indulge. And I'd like to give a shout out to those fine waiters at Barfflebee's for such keen attention. You earned that tip.

September 22nd, 2016 08:01

sure treat yourself once in awhile and humanity will live on long after you polish off that steak and beer.they forecast a smokin hot day here too and the golfer will be dropping off liquids at the shelter on the way to work. :zwinker:


Awww you did nt go eat at booger kings then lol...sooo happy for you and the missus for having a bit off money in the coffers hun you ve struggled long enough you both deserve treats ....ohhhh Preparation H for the piles of piles, meant to be good for wrinkles but seriously....would you :lol:


Doesn't do too bad on earwax, as well.....(wiggles finger in ear........) nice squishy sound...




what did you say? sorry ...i can't hear you...I got S### in my ears........speak up, you sound garbled, ffunnysweet.....

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