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Dry Run

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Well, sure as God made little calico kittens, the wife found the perfect vanity and counter top for the Chicago. So, off we go, dogs in tow (the cats fend for themselves) to the Windy City. Actually....the guy lived way up near the Wisconsin border, an hour away from downtown. And silly me, I took the long route instead of the expressway which would have saved time and frustration (I HATE Chicago downtown traffic jams...)and was totally bummed out that the Sears Tower was buried in Lake Michigan ground effect fog. You couldn't see the top of the building. Of course, there was little opportunity for sightseeing due to the tail lights flashing and motorcycles zipping in and out of traffic (legal in Illinois). Total madhouse, if you ask me. But,we got there in time and the old Polish grandmother loved holding Mykee while we finished up our business with her son, who helped me load this monster into the back of our car for the trip home. I took the expressway back and saved nearly an hour off our trip time. Either way, driving in Chicago is confusing and hectic, I don't think we'll go back there. I've never been a big fan of large, congested cities. Des Moines is so rural, the original Corn Town, and the traffic here is really not so bad if you avoid the rush hours. I know what you're thinking...a couple of down-home hicks from the sticks lost in the big city. I've been to Chicago three times in my life and I've hated it each time. Only NYC ranks lower in my books. You can take the boy out of the the saying goes...
So, in the morning, now that I've had my little dry run vacation, I'm loading up the old Myrtle the Turtle and heading for Oregon. The wife is totally upset with me, of course. She's so used to me taking care of the house and dogs, fixing her lunches and setting out her meds so she won't forget to take them, it makes her uneasy to have me gone for a week. Only once before have I been away from her for more than a day or two. So, I can understand her trepidation. She really can't get along these days without me. But, the brat arrives this afternoon and will be staying until Wednesday morning so she won't be exactly "alone". Of course, when those two get together, she forgets all about me anyway. Off they go together for craft shows with Auntie Sandi and eat-outs at her favorite restaurants. I probably won't be exactly "missed" around here, I have a feeling. and probably not too awfully missed around on Spin, too. So, if you don't see me for awhile, I'll be someplace in the great western states....

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you couldn't find anything closer and the web is full of places that could have been nearby. :zwinker:


lol are you decorating the taj mahal???..

on must not be married......especially to a wanna be interior decorator. Remember? This, the woman of my love and life, is the dollhouse miniature queen? Umm Hmmm...Taj Mahal? Please...don't give her any ideas, OK?



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