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Ripping Off to Nowhere.

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I took a photo of the gas station/truck stop/bus depot. I wish I could post it but, I haven't figured out how to even answer this new phone let alone download photos to Spinchat. I am a moron when it comes to high tech gizmos. There's a sign over the doorway that reads, "Welcome To Nowhere". They weren't far off, Nowhere, Wyoming was about as far away from someplace as a person can get. The cows out-number the people four hundred to one. When you look up "sticks" this town comes up. But, now the bus is much newer, the woman driving is pleasant and laid back and the bus stops in Denver where I have to make my way to another bus and connect in five minutes for the bus going to Omaha and then Home. I butt out the smoke and get on the bus. I get stuck sitting in front of some young woman in her twenties who filled the air with every obscenity known to sailor and man. OMG! This woman was so foul-mouth it wasn't funny except for the fact she kept it up for two hours straight. The woman next to me, a very nice young lady,and I almost died laughing when right in the middle of her third time telling her friend on the other end of the phone what a skanky ho,######,$$$$$$$,,,,,,,,so and so was when she let out a loud belch and just kept talking. I leaned over and whispered, "Now that's class...." We were both about to roll out of our seats laughing. Fortunately, Miss Filthy Mouth parted ways at Denver and the bus driver was back there wiping the stains off the walls from all the shit she was talking. The bus to Omaha was light. And fast. Nebraska has 80 mph speed limits. Bus drivers love it. I will say the swaying put me to sleep. Either that or I was dying of malnutrition from miles of junk food. I just wanted to get home. Visions of fresh made hamburgers danced in my weary head. If Wyoming was Nowhere, Nebraska must be the place that fell off the map. Flat,dreary and drab. Farmlands as far as the eye can see. Backpack safely tucked between my feet and the new hoodie rolled up as a pillow, I closed my eyes and wondered which prison had she just come from? I wonder if her mother knows she talks like that?

October 4th, 2016 06:07

I agree on the food. On that long bus trip I took, the ONLY kind of food almost every where we stopped, was deep-fried! I'm by no means a health-food nut, but I could barely stand to see fried food for several months after that!! WHEW!! Keep these going !! :angel2:


the healthy stuff costs more and rots quicker whereas the burger will almost outlive humans sitting under the heat lamp and likely that girl was from prison and might wanna check to see if you still have any gold teeth left. :matrose: <<<<<try one of these next time. :zwinker:

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