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For two days I've been home trying to get caught up on all the crap that needed doing. I suppose I can't blame the wife for not washing the dishes while I was away as she suffers from diabetic nerve damage and the hot water isn't good for her hands. As for the daughter....hmmmm.....she told her mom that if ever something happened to me she would move up here and take care of her mother. Somehow, I just can't seem to bring up a mental image of the brat pushing a lawn mower. I guess hot water hurts her hands, too. Although she does take several showers a day (HOLY CHRIST ON THE CROSS!!! HAVE SEEN OUR WATER BILL???!!!). Now if I could just figure out how she can take four drinking glasses and that plate she ate the apple cobbler off of into the shower with her. was about half way down in the pile glued to the pizza pan. Ah me oh goes my life. Not a moments rest for the wicked and the weary. So...after several hours of cleaning up the kitchen, getting the dirty clothes over to the laundromat and spending a blissful hour away from my mind, I get to mow the grass, clean out the garage since we now have a gigantic yellow roll-off dumpster in our driveway, and top it all off and put the cherry on top.....the contractor wants everything out of the kitchen cabinets. Those get torn out in the morning so we don't have to keep the dumpster any longer than necessary. They charge by the day after the first week. And it ain't cheap. So....what else needs to go before the dumpster goes? Yeah......that big ugly pile of dirt in the backyard is hiding a plastic pond. I start digging the dirt out of it. When the thing starting leaking years ago, the previous owners just filled it in with dirt and......ROCKS! Oh crap...this is fun. I got about two thirds of the way through it before the foot puttered out. My bad ankle and shovels do not get along well together. The dumpster leaves in two days. Well....I do have to stay outside while they rip the hell out of our bathroom ceiling. The deadly black mold has invaded everywhere. Afterwards, maybe I'll just try to sleep through all the hammering that will start in about three hours. I hate to say it, but, the Oregon stuff isn't helping much. I've been up all night feeling like my head is being compressed into a doughy ball while the throbbing in my leg keeps time. Insomnia, leg pains, high as a kite, too scared to close my eyes and fall back into 1973 and decide never to return, take your pick. It's been a long strange trip and not the easiest trip. Next up....there's a new washer and dryer up in Minnesota.....guess who gets to haul it back and lug it inside? And I wonder why I like this stuff so much...

October 4th, 2016 12:33
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The brat needs a swift kick up the jacksie....ass... if you dont mind me saying hun ..good luck with the kitchen i ve just had a new one in was a nightmare for a couple weeks but well worth it :)

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