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Remodelled Mayhem Part Two

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The workers just showed up to begin the day banging and sawing away. Today the bathroom gets taped and mud and sanded. We will do the painting ourselves. And while Fred does the bathroom, his son will be laying the new wood flooring in the wife's workshop/spare room now that we managed to get everything out of there except for a big heavy dresser that they can just work around. The mountain of tables, boxes, dollhouse, and all the kitchen stuff from the lower cabinets is still in the living room. No way you can watch TV. I can't even reach my toothbrush. It's over there.....somewhere..... I did leave a path if you're very agile and can twist your way to the fish tank so they don't starve to death. Ah.... there it is...that wondrous high-pitched squealing tool cutting into something hard. day is complete (as he stuffs his ears with cotton balls). The only thing more annoying would be the wife calling every five minutes from work for an up-date and to remind me to get the boy to help me haul the 1980's Jacuzzi bath tub someone shoved under the house out and into the dumpster before they show up today and haul it away. I will say, having a giant orange dumpster just outside the front door is sort of handy. Our garbage bill should be zero this month. But, the burnt orange bath tub horror (full of filth, water and mouse poops) is gone. It just amazes me why the previous owners threw all that crap under the trailer instead of having it properly disposed of. Now we have to deal with their negligence. The boy has promised to drag out anything he might find under there. Me? I'm getting on my new bike and pedal down to the Booger Fling and suck coffee all day. And I wonder why I have insomnia.....

October 6th, 2016 17:21

i'll send you some timmies next time. :zwinker:


You dont do things by half huh lol, the jacuzzi bit reminded me of years ago, my mum decided to do the back garden she was digging and heard a CLUNK..futher.... a LOT of futher digging revealed an old gas cooker, someone had dug a hole and buried the damn thing... upright even lol


I got that beat....Someone buried a toilet under my trailer.....well, half-buried....and it still flushes.....(But, the Tidy Bowl man is very depressed...his boat is leaking...)


<can't help to wonder if the flush isnt holding the whole damn trailer up lollllllllol


Lol checkmark, my mum had a loo put in her garden.... she planted flowers in it, my mother was a great believer either in recycling or just plain odd lol

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