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Down At the River With the Mexican Ladies (Or how to multi-task while daydreaming)

Other · · 2 comments more travel plans in the near future except to Homie Depot or Glows (where shopping for home decorating shines!)(Will you get that fu##ing flashlight out of my face now??) there is still paint to buy and wood trim to debate about but, all the big purchases for the house are over. Besides, I couldn't cram another Popsicle stick into that mess out in the garage. My poor man cave is now the local furniture and plumbing outlet store. But....does that mean I get to rest on Sunday? Oh Hell No!! The new washer and dryer is out in the garage and it's going to be there until they finish putting in the new bathroom floor. So....after dropping the wife off to work, I'm hanging out with the Mexican families at Soapy Suds Laundromat. My favorite hang-out. Screaming little monsters everywhere and it's hard to tell what they're saying since not a one of them speaks English. But, then again...neither do the parents. Three TV"s going full-blast, the Spanish preachers (HOLA) on one, the cartoon network(waa ha ha ha Ha!) on two and ESPN (FORE!)on three. I usually sit outside around the corner on the smoking bench. Nobody bothers an old man nodding off on the bench waiting for the dryer to finish. I have to save up my strength for the rest of the day. The cable guy is coming in the morning and I have to figure out how to clear a path to the TV. Wish me luck....If I'm not back in a week, send in the Pygmy trackers. They'll find me. (Tell them to follow the bread crumbs....hey, I gotta eat, too, ya know...)

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for once i would like too see a cable guy dressed up like jim carrey as the cable guy and one of the golfer's fave movies. :klatsch:


Sorry...I can't stand that guy. anyone who would crap themselves out of a Rhino's butt is NOT funny. sorry.... to me, he's a wanna be Jerry Lewis. And I hate Jerry Lewis, too.

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