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The Great Dog Escape Measured in Micrometers

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This has been one of those terribly hectic mornings where nothing seems to go right. Right off the bat, I woke up late and had to get the wife off to work, pack her lunch and get her on her way in about fifteen minutes. Rushing about, taking the dogs out and then getting all the critters corralled in the bedroom before the work crew arrives. Two hours later I finally got to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and some toast. Everybody gets fed first in this household before the Master Of the Mansion can have a break. I had to empty the kitchen closets so Clinton could install flooring in them and finish up the kitchen floor. It's nearly done now. We have a floor! that's ALL there is in the kitchen. Dinner is slow cooking in the crock pot and the coffee pot is propped up on top of the printer. Ah...all is well, right? Wrong. Frank (remember him? the anal retentive leaf blower next door?) starts honking at me and tells me to get in his car QUICK! What? "Your dog is down on the highway." What? No way...the animals are all locked up in the bedroom. Well....sure enough, there's Penny sniffing old dog pee on the FAR SIDE of a rather busy boulevard. She gives me one of those "Oh...hi Dad....what? I'm in trouble? Oh....oh..." Ummm Hmmmm.... I pick her up and haul her back to the bedroom. Yep....the window was left open and she ate a huge hole in the screen and went out. I'm just amazed the cats didn't get out as well. Chloe loves to explore and Jen Jen is just sneaky when it comes to getting out, you won't find that all black cat until she wants to be found. She's just another dark shadow under the mobile home. And Cassie? Well, she's the barn cat we adopted. You figure it out....But, after a quick count of noses, toes and beaks everyone was present and accounted for. Thank god...the wife would have totally freaked out if Penny had gotten run over. The shame of it is, I wouldn't have known the dog had gotten out if Frank hadn't saw her. I was busy and figured they were safe in the bedroom. know what they say about assuming anything. Actually with all the noise going on around here lately I'm surprised she didn't try to escape sooner. I wish I could. This is the end of Week Two and there's another two or three more weeks before these guys get done. I can see why they say home remodeling is one of the Number One stress inducers. I'm out of Tylenol...thank god for pot....

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You and your problems one makes problems seem as much fun as you do
If you would just start a column in your local newspaper, I feel sure you could amuse lots of peeps and make enough money to pay for some of your remodeling lol .
Thanks for making me smile I hope writing about it helps relieve some of the stress and I'm sure it will when you find your pot lol.


Made me smile too! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure all the noise and mess will be well worth it, when its done.

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