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Gorilla With a Monkey Wrench (Or,,,,How To Fail Basic Math 101)

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As things have progressed with our little remodeling job I have become convinced that someone is minus a gorilla somewhere at a zoo. He escaped and became a handyman. He used a monkey wrench to get out. I will have to say that working with a sometimes inebriated carpenter is sometimes a challenge. To him this / is level. He put up the trim in the bathroom. Not one single miter cut in any corner. He just butted them together and called it good. Oh my... Of course, the Do remember what her hobby is, right? just livid. If she miters in miniature, she expects the same in her bathroom. And plumb, straight and true? More like thumb, grate and glue. Double oh my... And of course, all these materials we paid for.... and now we pay more to fix the mistakes. It is becoming obvious that hiring an old friend from church you knew 25 years ago may not have been the wisest choice. Actually, I was wondering if that on-the-run gorilla is available. I have some demolition to do... The question is where do I start and how far do I have to go...
Speaking of which, the October Travelfest is still in full swing. We are off to St.Louis again in the morning. The brat is buying a new bed and has no way to haul it. Oh yeah...Mom has a minivan....she won't mind. we go in the morning. Ta ta...

October 14th, 2016 06:02

sometimes a professional is needed. :zwinker:


Uh...this guy is supposed to be a professional. My dad was a contractor and a Master tile layer (who taught me...we built our house in Ohio together)and carpenter. He's probably laughing his ass off right about now. But...we'll live with it. It's way better than what it was.


Ohhh kick his hairy gorilla ass into touch hun you dont want things going wrong when the coffers are again empty and things need re doing... better still get the missus to show him how to miter properly....starting with his fingers lol
Enjoy your unexpected roadtrip though :)


5:30am Super Hate Motel, the wife has gone to see the brat at work (she works the graveyard shift), the Free Continental Breakfast was one of those bear claws they make in India. Raji, the third cousin twice removed, runs the joint(with an awfully cute sister? wife?). He steered clear of me when he got a whiff of the dreaded weed on me. I think he thinks I'm an assassin sent to reap his soul for Cali...the Eater of the Dead....Oh...and by the way, St.Louis still sucks. I'd rather be back in my nice fucked up house.

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