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Too exhausted from the drive last night, we hid out in the Super Hate Motel and didn't surprise the brat at work and embarrass her in front of her besties. She is 21 now and managing her own life, which is a good thing. Instead, we met up with her for breakfast at the Gorging Corral buffet. The perfect place. All the breakfast crap you could imagine all spread out and waiting for you to dive into that second helping of heart attack with a side order of clogged arteries. Um Um good. After that, I got dropped off with the mutts at the motel while the two went bed shopping and managed to take down six or seven yard sales and a couple Goodwill's to boot. Never a dull moment when those two get together. Well, after a fitful nap (everyone was leaving and then the staff started cleaning rooms..we booked for two nights)with doors slamming and vacuums going it was not the best place to try to get some morning slumber time in. So...hmmmm.....TV. Why not, right? That took me all of ten minutes to discover that there ain't shit on at eight in the morning. The dope I brought is down to a roach and I'm saving that for tonight. It's boredom time!!! Not. The wife finally gets back, the brat has to get to sleep as she works tonight, and wants me to go with her, get some lunch and stop a "a few" places. Well, my man-sense kicks in and translates that to "there's food involved but you'll walk it off and be hungry still after the ninth flea market/Goodwill/neighborhood yard sale". Suddenly eating greasy burgers wrapped in bacon doesn't sound so appealing. More like appalling. My feet are crying "Don't do it!", silly feet....the stomach out-voted them. And, of course, the befuddled brain is still trying to figure out what "a few" means. So we go? Not. She locked the keys in the car. She was so busy chatting and hugging the daughter good-bye for the morning (we will see her again, I'm sure)she was all discombobulated. Not only locked in the car but, with the ignition on. Oh great.... Well, thank goodness the phone was in the room and rescue was just a Gecko walk away. The little green dude showed up in record time, popped the door open slicker than snot and away we went. I was really sort of hoping he would have told me we had one of those impenetrable car locking doors. I should have brought more dope. The cops would have never found it stashed amidst all those Goodwill bags in the back. Now my brain has to put up with a pair of angry feet, an upset stomach and is still trying to figure out how "a few" equals forty two. I never was very good at math.

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