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The Cows Are Fighting Back Revenge Dinner

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Well, talk about an interesting way to start your day. This has been absolutely crazy today. I had to run up to Wally World to get a new tire this morning after we had a blow out just twenty miles from home. Of course, twenty miles from home puts you smack dab in the middle of Jack Plowshare's 40 million acre corn field. Remember that town in Wyoming? there are places in Iowa that are even more desolate than Nowhere, Wyoming. What should you expect, this is Corn Country. Jiffy Pop owns half the state. The other half is owned by a jolly green tall guy. And it's filled with farmers who like to hunt. When the guy got the old tire off the rim guess what he found? A nice neat hole where a good chunk of rubber had exploded outward went through the steel meshing inside and rattling about inside was a 30.06 bullet. The hole looked burnt and smelled of gunpowder. We ran over a rifle bullet. We must have hit it head on, jammed it into the pavement and set it off. We heard a rather loud ka-pow! just as it happened. It's either that or the Herefords heard of our anniversary dinner plans to head for Applesneeze for steak. Damn those cow snipers! I will have my revenge tonight. Well done, if you please....

October 17th, 2016 21:51
1 comment

wow at 1st the golfer was thinkin you were getting shot at and maybe there was a crazed farmer gone might need some mine sweepers next time. :zwinker:

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