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The Unexpected Cabinet Debate

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And the day got weirder. After dropping the wife off at the doctor's office this morning, I had to wait three hours, and yes, I am sad to say that the wound on the bottom of her foot that started the whole problem back when is now back. It never healed. A thick callus had formed and when it came off it revealed that the wound had not been healing. It goes all the way to the bone. So, we are right back to Square One. Giant hole in the bottom of her foot. But, now she can get treatment here and she's a fighter. Keep Donna in your prayers, guys.
I was sort of pleased to come home late after a dog food and medicine run at Wally World and found I have kitchen cabinets. The tops aren't here yet. Mangleoids Home and Lumber broke the first one lifting it with a forklift...and got the wrong color. More delays but, the new ones are on rush order and should be here by the end of the week. The bottom cabinets (new) almost match the top cupboards(old) which we're keeping. With a bit of staining I could match them perfectly. I was pleased.. now if he'd just install the blooming thing and hook up the water. The mound of dishes in my living room is about to topple over and crush a cat. Ah....but, the bathroom is nearly done and.....wait for it.....the spare room/workroom is DONE!!! In the morning I plan to attack this pile in my living room and put it where it belongs. OK....I'll be nice.....(Eye brows go up....hand goes to spastic back muscle....)Well,,,,that's one way to commit suicide. (wife comes home...boxes in trash....shotgun blast heard thirty seconds later.) I will say I have hauled this stuff out I get to put it all back. So, I guess her reasoning is sound...I shouldn't try to debate the issue. I'd only lose anyway. Maybe Donny Glump should take a lesson.

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