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Stink Foot

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A man goes into the pet store and starts looking around. One of the helpful employees comes over and asks him if there is anything they can help him find.
"Well, I have this problem with my feet. They sweat terribly and nothing I've tried, no powders, no sprays, no inserts and even changing my socks six times a day hasn't helped."
"Uh, sir...we're a pet store."
"I know, just hear me out. As I said, my feet sweat and stink really bad and I found that the only thing that really works is pouring cat litter in my shoes. It absorbs the sweat and gets rid of the foul smell."
"So, you need some cat litter."
"No, I have plenty of that, I have three cats. What I need is some cat repellent to stop them from peeing in my shoes every night."

October 19th, 2016 00:54

those silly cats. :cat:


Eeuuwwwwwww lol, one of my cats used to poop in the bath, i told my youngest if he can poop there he can poop in the loo....get training lol

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