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The Giant Abyss of Doom

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For some time now the wife has been thinking that her foot was healing. In fact, it wasn't. The wound on the bottom of her foot had covered over with a thick hard callus. When it came off, the truth was revealed. In the center of this silver dollar sized hole is bone. This heartbreaking news has struck a blow to us. This open wound could easily become infected again and this whole process starts over. She nearly lost her foot up to the knee last time this happened five years ago. They saved it, minus a toe, and it had to be nothing more than a miracle they didn't give up on her. After six surgeries and months on a wound vac machine we thought the worst was over. Now my dearest love of my life could end up with no foot and confined to a wheelchair for some time. If there is a devil his name is Diabetes. And he dwells in the land of Despair.

October 19th, 2016 15:47

oh gawd i couldn't imagine what your going thru and to lose any limb is bad but your main source to get around with. :shakehead:


I'm sorry to hear that i hope that she feels better soon :(



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