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Trump and a Thump

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Well, I suppose it's about time for the Checkmark to weigh in on the new President. Not that I voted. I could have. I just couldn't figure out who I should write in this year. None of my suggestions are ever heard, anyway. I am the lonely voice in the crowd screaming and no one ever listens. maybe Mr. X was a bit confusing to the election officials last time. I just couldn't bring myself to go down there and knowingly cause chaos in the family. Women, regardless, should have gotten Hillary elected alone just for the sheer fact that they control the thoughts and minds of their menfolk, for the most part. I do rebel once in awhile in my own small ways. But, when it comes to politics, it's best to agree wholeheartedly with the spouse and keep your own opinions close to the vest. But, seriously? Donny Dump? What sort of choice was that? I guess one pompous, over-blown politician is like any other. He's just scarier than most. I will reserve judgement on the hair-do Don of the Country until I see what he does in office. Personally, allowing actors and celebrities to sit in the White House is always a bit scary. Popularity does not equate to common sense. Do I want a person acting the part of a President or do I want someone acting like a President? Next time, I'm voting Kim Kardashian. Or maybe Tom Hanks....I always thought he'd make a good Prez... Hey, why not...they could run the country from a studio set in Hollywood. I can't wait to see the re-runs...

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Morgan Freeman would do a good job, if he was in the elections id ve moved there just to vote, in case he tries for the next election have you got a spare room you could put me up in ??? lol


I liked Ronnie regan but anyhoo lots were in the same boat and were afraid to vote for Hillary in case a war broke out and must be better to have buddies like putin but who is gonna wanna have a chat with trump and don't bet the farm anyone is in a damn hurry to. I was watching a bit on seth Meyers from Saturday night live and he said it best saying that Hillary good or bad has set up the next woman to be president cause she actually ran. :ok:


I think Miley Cyrus should be first woman prez. just saying.


Miley Virus? Oh noooooo.....that is just sooooo wrong in so many ways....Ronny Raygun was OK, at least he tried to do something start a war in space. And Morgan Freeman would get my vote as long as Denzel is Vice-Prez.

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