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And Now To the Heart of the Matter

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We have received even further disheartening news today. The wife's heart stress test and echogram shows she has a blocked artery in her heart. Not serious enough to delay the surgery but, of some concern. As I'm sure you can guess, this is like the one-two punch and I'm just waiting for the left uppercut. I have a Clive Cussler handy (Have I read this one before? who's Clive....)and I'm planning on healthy snacks and diet sodas. It's going to be a long,long Friday. Oh...did I mention I absolutely detest sitting in hospital waiting rooms. I can just feel the Marlboro smoke wafting fumes everywhere I go followed by disgusted looks. And it's sort of looking at my own future in reverse. I wonder if anyone will be waiting for me someday or will the waiting room be stone dead and quiet, no one there to tell the sad news of my passing. Just creeps me out, too. Hospitals are full of dead spirits and I "feel" them around me. I get restless quickly and head for the nearest exit. Hence the smelly clothes and breath upon returning. Because....that's what husbands do. They wait. But, only for so long at a time. When the panic strikes, it's time to calm the nerves. I'll be back in ten minutes.

November 11th, 2016 05:31

This has to be terribly hard for you but try and focus on the positive....She is going to get well
she will do her therapy and your house is getting fixed and before you know it you will be going to more garage sales looking for the ultimate hidden treasure........a famous painting hidden behind a wal mart print haha
Stay strong and write the story of a life time for us to read


aww so sorry to read this hun my heart goes out to you both, get the surgery out the way then concentrate on everything else, one step at a time :umarm3:


Dang, never rains but it pours.. but you, my friend, have the secret to getting through anything.. Your wonderful sense of humor and the ability to always find something to make you smile, in any situation! I have to add, I totally agree about hospital waiting rooms. I think for me it's the result of spending WAY too much time sitting in one as a kid, when my grandfather had many nights which they weren't sure he would make it through.. And in those days of course, kids weren't allowed in the hospital rooms, so I was relegated to the waiting room, sometimes for hours. Not easy for a 3 year old accompanied only by her 10 year old sister,, but hey we made it through it, and so did my grandfather , actually, til I was 10.. But I'm with you, hospitals. for many years, were for me " the place you go to die" or go to "wait for someone else to die".. Won't be the case, this time, for you though, and please do know you and your wife both have my thoughts and prayers!!! :angel2:


as dark as this seems to be and the golfer has seen this with my mom and i was in michigan when it was all over for her and the golfer had other issues going on with sisters and brother but the one thing that stuck out for the golfer and i remember this like it was yesterday and was listening to a talk show with brown on one of the detroit stations and this one girl calls in i thought this was gonna be her last day on this planet and i'm sure dr. joy brown knew it also and she stay with her and says to her there must have been so good days cause everyone has bad days and tells the girl i would find it hard to believe this has been bad days all the time and it's like a rollercoaster or a wave also in cycles. it's a good thing the golfer stuck with this formula cause i was about to lose it and the grey skies will be gone soon my friend. i agree the hospital thing sucks and if the spirits are there they would be the good ones. :zwinker:

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