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Cut and Stitch That Piece of Pie

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The surgery is over. All went well, according to the doctor. Now it's a question of keeping her off the foot so it will heal properly. Oops...bad grammar....properly heal. I need to watch that.... As I was saying, it will be a matter of keeping her off the foot and she is stubborn. She always wants to rush things.She has little patience. She's already chomping at the bit wanting to go back to work as soon as possible. Which, actually, may not be all that long. They basically cut a pie-shaped area of her foot out, taking the bad toe and the bone behind it and then taking what's left and cramming it together into a rather narrow foot. But, the doc says she will be able to still walk on it (with help from "special"shoes....I wonder if they have to take the "special" bus to get to school in the morning) once it heals. That's a big "once". Donna hasn't had the best of luck when it comes to healing. But, now the diabetes is being monitored and controlled and the diet is going to drastically change and I'm thinking of getting a membership to the YMCA and get into some weight loss classes. We could both lose a few pounds. So....another tragedy averted....for the moment....Now comes the long recovery period. I got all my suits cleaned and pressed for the occasion......maid's outfit, butler, driver,carpenter (still more curtain blinds to hang up),cook,dog-sitter, and personal step-n-fetch(stretch pants for that job...). I think I got this covered.

November 12th, 2016 00:57

ya that would be a good idea with the exercise thing and might keep your mind off stuff plus feel better too. :ok:


Glad to hear the surgery went well!!! Hope the healing process goes just as successfully!! And yes do whatever you deem best to take care of you! I know being the caretaker can often be more stressful than being the patient, even!! Hugs and prayers to you, both!! :angel2:

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