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Supermoon and Tranquility Base

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It's quiet now, the wife is in bed resting some more. She hasn't felt good all day. I worry. Outside, the sky is clear and the Super-moon is shining down like nothing before. It's closer tonight than it has been in some times as a full moon. Super moons occur at perigee either in front of the sun or behind the earth (new and full moons) and they happen four times a year. Please note, as the moon pulls away, the incidences of earthquakes increases. It has to do with the elastic plate theory and the lunar pull of gravity. You have to admit, you get something the size of the moon tugging at you, you'd crack apart, too. Just saying for all my other paranoid doomsdaysayers. I'm hedging my bets and stocked up on milk and bread. The ultimate time of danger is three weeks. By then the bread will be either gone or green. Either way. Either re-stock or keep digging. God, I hate being so smart and knowing the dumb crap I do. I can tell someone how to build a bomb shelter and how many kilotons versus mega-tonnage it takes to wipe out a fair size section of the world. Plate Tectonics as a hobby and meteorology, star-gazing (and good old Boy Scout navigation by the stars...),music, art (OK>>>cartooning....)and let's not forget a course in basic first aid.I'm the perfect guy for the apocalypse. Hell, I'm ready for the earthquakes, zombies, nukes and scorpions from outer space. So....take it from me....when the news guys are all saying things are going just fine, nothing to worry about....that's when you run like hell. Either that....or go get some munchies. You're hungry and that shit is making you paranoid. The earth is not are.

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when ever the golfer is talking to govt peeps i tell them all the time might wanna dig that bunker a bit deeper cause it's not the bombs they would worry so much about it's the peeps left over knowing their whining scary little asses are down there. :zwinker:


I can see the golfer now....out on the fifteenth hole, putter giving it just a tiny little push and just as the ball's about to fall in the cup....FLASH!!!!! Goodbye...golfer.....good bye world. Well, the good note is.....I hear God was Three under par last week. I just wish He'd get rid of those ugly plaid pants. Doesn't seem appropriate that the Almighty should be seen playing golf at Heavenly Acres Golf Club looking like a sofa couch.


i loves those plaid shorts and wished i had more but a new line will be coming out during the spring. :klatsch:

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