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Level 89 and Rising

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It's been one of those frustrating days when the simple becomes complicated and the easy becomes totally difficult. I started out by trying to make the wife happy and hang up the new blinds in the living room, kitchen and bedroom. more cheap-o mini-blinds...we have WOOD! Cool, right? How hard can hanging a few blinds be? Well....after five hours of dropping screws, pulling up my pants (I have no butt left so ALL my pants slide down my ass), cussing, swearing (I just said WHAT?)and throwing a tantrum fit....they went up. Just because a few of the screws would only go in two thirds of the way and then stop dead, neither coming out or going any further in, was not about to stop me. I cussed them in the rest of the way. Those forty plus year old two by fours underneath that paneling are some tough bastards. Let's just say they are well aged. I get a break now? Nope. Now it's time to crawl around on the kitchen floor and measure where the handles go on the new kitchen cabinets.Being VERY careful to get it right, measuring twice (of course...), I got them all marked out and started drilling. Darn.....hard maple. My drill bit isn't cutting through's burning its way through. Smoke and the smell of campfires pervades the kitchen. Wife is wondering if I'm burning the place to the ground. No...just drilling holes in the WRONG place on one cabinet door. How in the heck did I manage to be a whole half inch off??? Three holes later (right size between the screws...too bad it was crooked.....) I gave up and started wondering how much it's going to cost to replace just one cabinet door. All the others.....perfect, of course. Frustration level? 89 and rising. And just when you thought it was over......"Mark....can you put the new shower head on?" Sure....why not? How hard can that possibly be? I guess I should have thought ahead and brought along the new bottle of shampoo. Could have saved myself some time.....

November 16th, 2016 07:27

hehehehe ohhh dear, you sound worse at DIY than me :wallbash:


they used to have this tv show and the golfer has never seen it and might even still be on called Canada's worst handyman and I should see if they have episodes of it and might make you feel a bit better. :zwinker:


Well....I'm thinking of starting my own show...."How to Get Ripped Off By a Contractor and How to go Insane In Three Easy Steps." I'm sure I'll win the Daytime Emmy Award for Best Reality TV. Then again....I was watching the guy on Youtube trying to build a doghouse. Poor Fido....I don't think I can beat that....


ohh you do that hun and i d even think about getting a telly again... you d be my claim to fame :lach:


New NetFlix mini-series......."Household Insanity" where contestants vie for prizes like strait jackets, doses of Melleril, Thorozine and the ultimate prize....Electro-shock! All they have to do is engage in any home improvement project and actually complete the project before going stark raving mad. Extra points are given for thrown hammers, hissy fits, and of course, catatonia.....brought to you by our sponsors........The Betty Ford Clinic for Alcoholics and Drug Addicts. (I here Betty is still there getting treatment for her crack cocaine addiction.)

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