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And Other Sh##

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Oh yes,'s that sophomoric time again where we examine our very own poop in life. And why shouldn't we love them and give them names. They are only with us for such a short time before they get flushed away out of our lives forever. We should give them a good cheerio as we yank the handle. Some were good, some were bad, some might smell to high heaven but, you just gotta love them. After all.....we all produce shit.

1.) Little Cabin in the Woods Poop. There's enough logs in the bowl to build Paul Bunyan a shed for Blue.

2.)Wishy Washy Crap. You wished you had made it in time. Now you have to wash....the underwear,the floor,the ......

3.)Leprechaun's Gold. So that's what a large can of apricots looks like afterwards.

4.)Trump Dump. OMG!It's got HAIR on it!!!! Oh wait, that's just a band-aid stuck to it. For a minute there it sort of looked like him....

5.) Old Smokey Mountain. The steam coming off the tip of that one sort of reminded you of Tennessee.

6.) Ten Ton Brick. Mount Rushmore just fell out of your ass.

7.) Wipe-a-wipe-a-away. Forget it, six rolls of toilet paper and it still won't come off.

8.)Gorilla Glue Poo. What caused the wipe-a-wipe-a-away. You might want to lighten up on the peanut butter.

9.)Tidy Bowl Man. This one just bobs around on the top and looks stupid. Flush it. Maybe it will find the boat down there.

10.)King Kong Krap. Last night's Chinese is now today's Lo Mien in a bowl. Egg roll included.

November 17th, 2016 09:12

the golfer votes for trump dump since America will be in the crapper anyways when he is finished. :zwinker:


eeuuwwww, i worry about you, you ve to much time on your hands... go build a cabin.... ohhh wait .. :) lol


Shitastic my friend! No shit! I shit you not; your my favorite turd! I read it shit twice and died! :lol:

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