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Long, Cold Winter (or...Where the Heck Did It All Go?)

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Well, it has been nearly two months now since I visited my friend in Oregon and I will's been fun. Oh my...where did all that stuff go? I have to admit, I have too many friends and I'm just too good-hearted not to share. Of course, it's my own fault, ever since I got to Iowa I've been telling everybody I know how great the green is in Oregon. Not to mention the latest enterprise my friend is engaged in these days with his shatter making machine cranking out all that fine, fine medical grade wax. Ah...tasty indeed. Maybe a bit too tasty. Hmmmmm...If I scrape the jar again?? Maybe there's still some hiding in the bottom...? Nope...already tried that. It's going to be a long, long, cold winter I fear. I suppose if I won the lottery I'd move back there and buy a house down the block. Walking distance. And I don't walk very far these days....

November 22nd, 2016 02:42
1 comment

green sounds good so swing by the golfer's place. :matrose:

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