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Three Dog and Two Cat Night (No Fish Allowed)

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As usual these days, I have trouble sleeping sometimes. Insomnia stumbles about in my well smoked addled brain and convinces me that just one more will certainly do the trick and I will tottle off to bed to sleep the sleep of the dead. No such luck....I've got a bad case of motor-brain. And doesn't it always seem to happen just before a holiday or a day before you're supposed to drive a thousand miles? Yup. Never fails. Now going into the hmmmmmmm.....hour 36 and the caffeine isn't helping much. But, what else can I do? The ham needs to be watched, the potatoes cooked (OK>>>nuked) and then we scarf it all down and leave the dirty dishes behind that will require, at minimum, three joints, two cups of coffee and maybe a Dew to settle the stomach down. Ah...yes, it is all my own fault. Someone could probably shove a high tension power line up my kiester and power half of Buffalo. Zooming? Yeah....but, I am the wise old caffeine tonight after 6. By 10pm, the buzz will wear off (OK...maybe not the pot buzz....) I will sleep and the morning shall find me behind the wheel heading for Kansas City. The wife has finally found the 1940's style glider she has always wanted (grammy had did my grammy)which will be her Christmas present this year and....guess what Santa got me? Seems some guy in K.C. is selling a very nice, almost new guitar amp which I have been in serious need of. Now...if I can clean out the garage I can finally have my studio and start a band. Isn't Santa a swell guy? Maybe I should have asked for one of those sleeping masks and a really big bottle of Johnny Walker. Of course, it's all wishful thinking anyway, the wife is back there taking a nap with three dogs and two cats. I guess I could hang on the side of the mattress until the ham gets brown...

November 24th, 2016 22:55

you needs some timmies real bad and timmies fixes everything. :kaffee:


No sleep just before a long drive or early work is spot on!

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