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Emmie Up-Date (or...How to Set An Alarm Clock)

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Managing a blind dog is a bit of a challenge. She has settled in rather well and made herself right at home. Of course, Penny and Mykie (the mini mutt) are both jealous of the new dog and all the attention she requires but, they've settled into a bit of a long as there's no food involved. Mykie is a bit food aggressive. Can't blame him really, he's so small he has to be a bad-ass if he wants to eat. Blind dogs don't exactly understand doggie territory boundaries. She spins around and around listening for sounds and sometimes spins a little too close and ......NIP! YELP! and it's on.... OMG! The cats scatter, Penny starts barking...the fish are heading for the rock caves ("Did someone yell Shark!??") and all hell breaks loose next door with Frank's stupid dogs.....And that's just the morning ritual. Well....maybe Act Two....The First Act starts at around four in the morning. Emma doesn't get it yet that everyone else is asleep. All she knows is she's awake and needs to go out. Guess who gets that lovely duty? Standing outside watching a dog spin around and around and around in the cold is not my idea of great way to start the day. Especially when she decides it's too cold to poop outside and wants to go she can go poop on the bathroom floor, of course. She has figured out how to get around in the house now. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea letting her explore on her own. She's smart. She learned where the bathroom and bedroom were in about two days. She is a crafty one. The first day we brought her home she hardly made a sound. No barking, no fussing...she was such a sweetie.... Yeah. Right. Now you can't shut her up. Maybe there was a reason why they took her to the dog shelter...? But, I guess in time she will learn and we will learn her ways. I'm just going to have to out-smart her.....and set the alarm clock for three thirty and beat her to the punch. Then re-set it again for 2:30am.....1:30am....until I get her convinced it's time to sleep and last potty call is at 9pm. Fat chance of that, right? I could just lock her in the bathroom.....

December 1st, 2016 18:07

hahahahahaha! Brilliant! " Shark!"


the animals give more than what they get in return and gotta love it. :dog:


Lol sounds like Bedlam in your house but sounds like the emmie s settling in.. just unsettling everyone else while she s doing it :uglylol:

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