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"No Smoking Allowed"

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The world's climate began to drastically change for the worse near the end of 2018 and continued to spiral out of control when it reached a fevered pitch in 2021. Massive tornadoes plummeted the earth, sometimes as many as ten in a line that swept away all life as they scoured the ground clean. They began turning up where tornadoes were seldom seen before. London had been ripped to ruins, parts of Buckingham Palace ending up in Sweden. Six F-5 tornadoes stalled out over Dallas, Texas until moving slowly northeast, leaving a path of destruction from Texas to North Carolina. People became terrified of the strange weather, cold winters, short springs into blistering summers. Fall became almost non-existent. The heat of summer met the cold of winter and the tornadoes were spawned. It seemed like God had decided to give the Earth a good vacuum cleaning. And humans were the dust bunnies. The cry went up. Politicians turned to the scientists and they pointed out that they had been trying to warn the world of the global climate changes that pollution had caused. In a knee jerk reaction, laws went into effect. The only way to stop the depletion of ozone, the new policy was O Pollution. Anything that smoked or emitted harmful gasses was now punishable by prison or death, if the violation was severe. The world came to a grinding halt.
Industry and commerce ceased to exist. The oil companies went out of business and the chain of events that followed impacted every soul on Earth. Millions lost jobs. Cars and trucks that weren't solar powered were now illegal to own. Smoking tobacco was strictly outlawed. Convenience stores that had once done million dollar a year business were closing their doors for good, all food stocks had been sold out, the gas pumps chained and locked. Coal, and the plants and factories that relied on coal to power their industries, was closed and locked. The only industries that were doing well were the solar panel manufacturers and the hydrogen fueled plants that supported them and the farmers who cashed in their lands out of desperation and those who were wise enough to invest in the future of solar power. The demand for jobs and food had become critical amongst the masses. Lawlessness and chaos became rampant as the jobless turned to homeless and joined the survivors of the tornado stricken. Millions fled from the Midwestern states in search of safer ground only to find themselves faced with either the same over-populated poor or worse, an unexpected tornado ripping through a town in the west that had hardly seen a drop of rain in thirty years. The weather seemed to follow no matter where you went. Hurricanes ravaged the coasts, typhoons, floods and mudslides. The summer of 2020 was hot enough to melt a large section of permanent ice from K-2 causing a massive avalanche. The rock underneath had never seen the light of day since the dawn of its creation.
The farm on the outskirts of Pella, Iowa had been owned by the Mantix family for eight generations. They had always done well and Leon Mantix, the current incarnation, had had the foresight to invest in solar powered tractors long before they had become mandatory. Always trying to save money and beat out the competition, it had been the wisest move possible. A fleet of his own private solar powered transport trucks hauled his produce, chickens,pigs and beef from his own butchery to stores that he partially owned. He was old and single and lived in the family home which had stood for over two centuries. The farmhouse had been built with oak and field stone. It was now being surrounded by Federal agents. They had followed a young man they had been tailing for six weeks. The delivery was going down inside. This time they had him dead to rights. Inside the knapsack the kid had carried in was six cartons of Marlboro cigarettes. That made it a capital offense. The government would seize the property. Mr. Mantix would face death. They all would. The skies were swiftly darkening to the southwest.

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this needs to be a movie. :popcorn:

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