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Pearl Harbor Day and the Kamikaze Birthday

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I have to admit, I am not a big fan of this time of the year. The stores are full of idiots racing about trying to find Christmas presents, the weather sucks (and all those idiot shoppers must only drive around once a year.....and usually with their heads up their asses....)and I get to turn another year older. Oh gee...and I'm supposed to be happy about that? Personally, I think I'll just stay in bed for a month and wait for this insanity to blow over. And,of course, there's the re-runs of Pearl Harbor on TV along with a plethora of other WWII related shows featuring those sneaky Japanese dive bombers. I bet I've seen the Arizona explode a thousand times already. So, OK....they attacked us. We got back at them by dropping two nuclear bombs on them. I'd say that pretty much squares things. As for the birthday? Damn....62 this year. How the heck did that happen? I don't feel 62. OK...more like 162....I'm pretty much doing the same things I did when I was twenty. Only way much slower, of course. Old age and birthdays are like Kamikaze pilots, they sneak up on you and WHAM, it just blows you right out of the water. And what can you do about it? Wish for a time machine? No thanks....mine would put me back to December seventh at just about....oh.......8:45 am in the bowels of the Arizona. Sleeping, no less. And probably dreaming about what the guys on the ship are going to give me for my birthday. And that brings up...."what to get Mark for his birthday". Now there's a little game we play every year. What would I want for my birthday? A pound of good reefer, four grams of wax and a Partridge in a Pear Tree Bong....instead, I'll get a Yin/Yang Guitar t-shirt. Cool, yes.....what I really I'd rather just write blogs about how I hate Christmas and birthdays and generally just get bombed out of my mind. So....if you were planning on sending a present this year....make it a half ounce and I'll be just as happy as shit....Oh....and do yourself a out for that Kamikaze driver in the parking lot at Wally World. He's driving a Mitsubishi......

December 7th, 2016 14:33

can you imagine if they started selling dope from walmart and it would be spares time 3 mil.stay inside where its safe and loads of movies to watch. :popcorn:


I can see it now...packaged up crappy weed in the beer aisle....your one stop shopping center.....(guaranteed to fall apart or break the moment you get it home...)


i guess that wouldn't be the stuff picked by juan valdez. :hahaha: golfer that was a good one. :zwinker:


we can open up a chain of pot shops...Mcdopey! Now that's a happy meal kids! Just let me have a mcdime bag, mcbong and i'll get the mcfuck outta here! hahahaha!


:hahaha: mcbong.


Don't forget the McBubbler......

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