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There is nothing that thrills me more than getting woke up at 6am by having a dog thrown on top of me while I'm sound asleep. Emmy hasn't quite figured out when wake time and sleep time is yet. All she knows is that come 6am she has to pee and after that "Daddy" feeds her. She is definitely attached to me. And she's figured out the routine. Now if I could get the blind dog to wear a watch. She is a total Pain In The Ass (PITA, for short...) and a complete dynamo in the mornings. What am I saying? She's a dynamo ALL the time. I wish I could shove a wire up her butt and plug her in. She could power up half of Iowa. Well, she is only three....a puppy still. What did I expect? A blind puppy with a super appetite (she eats EVERYTHING!!) and enough energy to light up downtown Des Moines.... Ah me oh my..... She is a handful. I guess the cute factor has dimmed a bit. Right now she's jumping on my leg wanted to be picked up and there ain't no never mind about it. She is a demanding little bitch....So.....I'll take her back to bed with me and pray she'll lay still. I know...fat chance of that, right?

December 11th, 2016 14:30

loads of fun there and you get back more than what you give. :dog:


ooooo puppies...nothing better

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