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Sixty-Two Plus Two Equals Zero

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Now it's been a few days past my birthday and that means I have to go tackle that big pile of dirty dishes in the sink, left over from the "I ain't doin'em, it's my birthday" lay about. I don't think I can get away with it anymore. The wife is complaining about the dirty spoon I rinsed off for her cereal. And I will admit, the sticky peanut butter from two days ago was being a little difficult, peeling off a layer or two of skin in the process. So much for birthdays....bah...humbug! Anything special for the birthday? Lunch buffet at the casino and I was a good boy and decided NOT to give the nice guy on the video screen twenty bucks just to push a button and watch my dollars vanish before my eyes. Maybe we'll go back when they race the ponies. Two dollars on DeadLamenbrokedown to win, if you please. I'll stick to the once a month scratch off....for five bucks I could win back all those other five bucks I've contributed to the schools and roads. Or not. Gambling is fun, I suppose, but I really stink at it. It's sort of like break dancing, sure it's cool as long as you don't try it. But, here I am, another year older and still acting like a teenager. A typical case of arrested youth. (OK, they threw out the First and gave me Second...) Instead of trying to find a job, I want to start a band. But, hey, can you blame me? I've always shot for the stars and like my gambling habit, came up short. But, maybe it's never too late to give it one last try. Of course, that's how they sucker you in at the casinos. Just pull that handle one more time and it's jackpot time. Right....what a load of horseshit. Just like think you got away with not washing the dishes for two days? Lemon....Lemon.... Bar......sorry, loser. Get your sorry old ass back to work.....

December 17th, 2016 16:52

hell hun I hope they kinda spoilt you for your b/day bar saving the washing up for you...... word to the wise.. next year get paper plates etc :)


you can always put some on the lotto max here and nobody won it from friday so its up for grabs for 60 mil and the golfer will be there with ticket in hand after this friday. :klatsch:


Aw, hope it was still as somewhat HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :buntelinie: :angel2:

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