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Reflections of a Past Year

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This is always a hard time for the wife. She misses family Christmas get-together dinners and all the Christmas wrappings and bows. She's the sentimental type. Me? Bah..Christmas has become a holiday only to benefit the wealthy capitalists and the Salvation Army. Notice that it's always held at the end of the year when the snow and cold is deep and the only thing deeper is your depression. Without Christmas I'm sure the suicide rate would sky-rocket. And bravo to that smart fellow who put January 1st right afterwards. Hell, you have to stick around to see if anyone gave you a present and when they didn't, well....there's always next year. It's all suicide prevention. Those darn old Christians got it all ass-backwards again. Eliminate Christmas and reduce the world's population. Win win if you ask me. And how do I know the world is over-populated? Just go down to Wal-Mart to pick up a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk right now. See what happens. Uh huh...pretty crowded, right? It becomes Idiot Central over night. Someone flipped on the "Buy Christmas Gifts!" light and they simply lose their minds. So, I'm not buying into any of this crap.

(Author's Note: due to the recent events concerning a bus and some holiday shoppers and the death of a Russian ambassador, have deleted the rest of this blog. In light of these events, my commentary might be taken wrongly. I do NOT condone or encourage violence anywhere in this world. Even though my humor is askew at times, it is meant as humor and nothing more. By pointed the mirror at our evil side, I ridicule those who are violent and maladjusted. My apologies ahead of time if I may have offended anyone. Humor, even dark humor, is meant for laughs. But, I'm sure more than one comedian has had eggs thrown at him. And they weren't hard boiled.)

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you can have the capitalist day but the golfer supports such places as sally ann and the homeless shelter.i think i'll keep xmas around a little bit longer to cause i have some living to do yet with baby nahair. :christmas:


you keep that up Diehard and I'm going to have to throw you out of the Christmas Haters Club.....No lump of coal for you this year.....(Darn that halo is awfully bright....where's my sunglasses...???)

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