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Uh Oh....He's At It Again

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Maybe it's just the time of season and I just can't hold back. Yes, it's that favorite subject once again visited (mostly upon the un-expecting)it's Shit Time! I are all so thrilled, I'm sure. keep up with tradition....I bring you (drum roll please....) Holiday Poops.

1.) Lincoln Log Poop. Remember that bowl of holiday Chex mix? Well, now you could box up all those little brown logs floating in the bowl.

2.)Jingle Hells. Those solid colored balls on Grandma's cookies came from a jar thirteen years old. They sort of make a pretty sound when they hit the pot.

3.)Dashing Through the Snow. She just had to have that second bottle of wine. Car's stuck in a ditch. You are shivering so hard that something funny is happening in your stomach.

4.) Rude-off and Blitzen. Never fails to happen at the office party. Maybe it was the bacon wrapped weenie dogs...The smell can clear a room...and you're the first one out the door.

5.)Oh Holy Night. You just had to try the fruitcake. Right. Santa is coming down the commode this year. And he's got lots and lots and lots of presents....

6.)Yuletide Log. Quick! Set it on fire!

7.)Candy Cane Poo. OMG! All those cookies came out all squiggly and red and green.

8.)North Pole Poop. Hang a flag on it. Sa.....lute!

9.)Hickory Dickory Splot. Chestnuts, anyone?

10.)Naughty Or Nice. This can sometimes happen during a Dashing through the Snow Poop. It would have been nice to get your pants down first and now you feel sort of naughty cause it's the only warm spot left on your body.

December 20th, 2016 07:03

LMAO #10 .. Gets the first giggle of the day.


Omg you eww

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